America: స్వలింగ వివాహాల రక్షణ బిల్లుకు యూఎస్ హౌస్ ఆమోదం


America: US House approves same-sex marriage protection bill

America: The US House has approved a bill to protect same-sex marriage. The US House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a bill protecting marriage equality amid fears the Supreme Court could roll back recognition of same-sex marriage. Titled the Respect for Marriage Act, the legislation was passed by a vote of 267-157, with 47 Republicans and all Democrats supporting the measure. Seven Republicans reportedly did not vote.

This law not only protects same-sex marriages but also inter-caste marriages. But its chances in the Senate are uncertain. The US House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a bill that would provide federal protections for same-sex marriage. 47 Republican lawmakers joined Democrats in voting for the bill. Members of the House cheered as the legislation passed. The bill now goes to the Senate for a vote. Democrats hold 50 seats in the 100-member Senate and 10 Republican votes are needed.

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The bill repeals the Defense of Marriage Act, 1996. This law defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman. A Supreme Court ruling in 2013 struck down a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act that denied federal benefits to married same-sex couples. Wisconsin Senator Tommy Baldwin said the law would recognize same-sex and interracial marriages. The Supreme Court on June 24 overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that enshrined abortion rights nationwide. Thomas argued that the court should also examine its rulings on contraception and same-sex marriage. Last week, the House passed two bills to protect abortion access in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling.



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