Advitiya Bal: పైలట్ కుటుంబానికి షాకింగ్ అనుభవం.. అతని త్యాగానికి గౌరవం ఇదేనా?


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Advitiya Bal: Shocking experience for the pilot's family.. Is this a tribute to his sacrifice?

Advitiya Bal: It is known that pilot Advitiya Bal lost his life in the crash of a MiG-21 fighter plane belonging to the Indian Air Force (IAF). The family shed tears knowing that their son lost his life in the line of duty for the defense of the country. The family members who went to bring the son’s body had a shocking experience in the plane. The flight crew tried to get those who were grieving the loss of their son off the plane first, but the fellow passengers did not care at all. When a pilot lost his life to serve the country.. it is very sad that his family is not taken care of.

A MiG-21 aircraft crashed near Bimra in Rajasthan’s Barmer district on Thursday evening. Pilots Wing Commander M Rana and Flight Lieutenant Advitya Bhal were killed in the accident. When the news of the death of 26-year-old Adwitiya Bhal from Jammu came to light, his family was left in mourning. In this context, the family members of Bhal went to Jodhpur from Delhi by Indigo flight on Friday to take the dead body. Meanwhile, the family of Flight Lieutenant Advitya Bhal, who died in the MiG-21 crash, had a bitter experience in that flight. After the plane landed in Jodhpur, the captain announced that Bhal’s family members, who were sitting in the third row, should help get off first. Their son Mig had died in the accident and they asked for help in getting off quickly. But, no one paid attention to this statement. Passengers sitting in the front row started disembarking without being heard. But some people behaved as if they had no respect for humanity, nationality and soldiers. Passengers in the first two rows objected to the captain’s statement.

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On the other hand, Sherbir Panag, who was sitting in the third row with the family, was denied by some other passengers. There was a lot of clamor to give way to the family who was grieving the loss of their son. Later, Panag tweeted this matter. ‘Flight Lieutenant Ball’s family members were sitting next to me in the third row. As soon as the plane landed, the captain repeatedly asked them to cooperate in disembarking. But those in the front row did not hear. I and the other passengers behaved selfishly, ignoring my shouts. This is the respect we give to that pilot’s sacrifice! Now his tweet has gone viral.



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