108 Services: ఏపీలో పనిచేయని 108 సర్వీస్.. మరి ఏ నంబర్‌కు కాల్ చేయాలి?


108 Services: 108 service not working in AP.. Which number to call?

108 services not working due to technical problem: Health emergency services were disrupted across Andhra Pradesh. 108, 104 Services Additional CEO R. Madhusudana Reddy revealed. In this context, people in need of medical emergency have been advised to call 104(1) if they want ambulance service for medical assistance. R. Madhusudan Reddy said that they are solving the problems in the server related to 108 service.

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Meanwhile, the government has allocated 108 number for emergency medical services, police and fire emergency services in AP. AP Government is providing 108 services from its office in APIIC building in Mangalagiri. However, since Saturday morning, it has come to the attention of the authorities that the 108 service number is not working due to technical problems. People have been allotted another number so that they don’t have to worry. Officials explained that even though the 108 number was not working, there was no disruption to the ambulance services. Jagan government has previously made available 104 and 108 vehicles for each mandal to provide emergency medical services so that the people do not suffer. Ambulances are reaching the scene within 18.03 minutes of calling in urban areas, 19.21 minutes in rural areas, 24.50 minutes in tribal areas and 27:23 minutes in tribal areas.



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