YSRCP MP Talari Rangaiah: ప్రతిపక్షాలు ఏపీని శ్రీలంకతో పోల్చడం మానుకోవాలి


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YSRCP MP Talari Rangaiah: Opposition should stop comparing AP with Sri Lanka

ysrcp mp talari rangaiah comments about debts in ap government: Recently, TDP and Janasena have been making extreme accusations against the YCP government. They are promoting that AP is going to be another Sri Lanka due to debts. YCP MPs recently condemned these comments. To this extent, YCP MP Talari Rangaiah said in Delhi that it was clear that Jagan is providing the people with a corruption-free governance in AP. He said that 100 rupees are directly reaching the people… There is no place for middlemen, brokers and corruption. MP Talari Rangaiah explained that the previous government took large loans and wasted money. He said that the village secretariats are seen as symbols of development in every Uri.

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YCP MP Talari Rangaiah said that it is not appropriate to compare a state with Sri Lanka. He said that it is not appropriate for the country to borrow 133 lakh crores of rupees and dictate to the states. He said that if the Center borrows 59 percent of the GDP, AP borrows only 32.4 percent. He reminded that Sri Lanka has debt of 101 percent of its GDP. He said that in AP, the poor get financial support in the form of welfare schemes. MP Talari Rangaiah opined that he is very happy to receive financial assistance directly to the beneficiaries in this manner after independence.



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