WTC Table: డబ్ల్యూటీసీలో దిగజారిన టీమిండియా.. పాకిస్థాన్ కంటే కిందకి..!!


WTC Table: In WTC, Team India is lower than Pakistan..!!

Team India got another shock after losing the test against England. With the latest defeat, India have slipped to fourth place in the World Test Championship table. Due to the slow over rate in the match held in Birmingham, Team India has been cut by 40 percent in the match fee. Besides, two points were also deducted. With this, Team India, which has been in the third position all these years, has fallen to the fourth position in the WTC table. Pakistan jumped to the third position. Currently India has 75 points (52.08 point percentage) while Pakistan has 44 points (52.38 point percentage).

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The Australian team continues to be at the top of the World Test Championship table. The team has 84 points (77.78 point percentage) in its account. The South African team is in the second place. South Africa have 60 points (71.43 point percentage) in their account. England’s team, which recently defeated New Zealand 3-0, also raised the bar for victory against India, but that team was limited to the seventh position. England has 64 points while the percentage is only 33.33 points. It is noteworthy that the England team has played the most matches (16 matches) so far as part of the WTC 2021-23.




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