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Vonteru Pratap Reddy: ముందు నువ్వు హుజూరాబాద్ లో గెలిచి ఉనికి చాటుకో..

Vonteru Pratap Reddy: First you win in Huzurabad and show your presence..

TRS leaders are under fire over BJP leader MLA Etela Rajender’s comments. On Saturday, Etela Rajender made several comments about TRS and CM KCR. He commented that he will contest from Gajwel in the next election..I joined the TRS party in Gajwel constituency..I have given special attention to Gajwel..I will defeat KCR from here like Suvendu Adhikari defeated Mamata Banerjee in Bengal.

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Recently, Forest Development Corporation Chairman Onteru Pratap Reddy expressed his anger on these comments. He spoke to the media at the CM’s camp office in Gajwel. Not in Etela Rajender Gajwel but once again challenged to win in Huzurabad and show his presence. Not you in Gajwel.. Prime Minister Modi, Amit Shah said that even if Nadda comes, they will definitely lose here. He said that Etela Rajender will not be able to defeat even an ordinary worker wearing a TRS scarf in Gajwel. Onteru criticized Etela for joining the BJP to protect their property. Can you tell the details of the funds brought from the center to the Huzurabad constituency..? He asked. He said that you have done nothing except the development done by KCR in your constituency. He was criticized for making announcements that he would contest in Gajwel because of the fear of defeat in Huzurabad.


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