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Viral Video Of Girl Crying: ఫన్నీ వీడియో.. అట్లుంటది ఈ పిల్లతోని

Viral Video Of Girl Crying: Funny video.. with this child

Viral Video Of Girl Crying: Recently some are becoming overnight stars through social media. It is difficult to tell which video will go viral on social media. But some videos on social media are hilarious. Such videos go viral in no time. Recently in a school, when the teacher was telling rhymes, a child was reacting in a funny way. As part of this rhyme, the teacher tells her to do some work, but the child cries and says she won’t do anything. She says that if I brush my teeth well, I will brush my teeth, if I should take a good bath, I will not do it, and if I should tie my washed clothes, I will not tie them.

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In this video, while the other children are saying that the teacher has told them well, only one child is saying the opposite. Moreover, the crying of the baby is also making the netizens laugh. The incident took place in a school and it went viral after some people posted it on social media. Netizens who have seen this video are giving funny comments. Some are commenting that this baby looks like their baby. Others are posting comments saying that such is the case with children. Some are reminiscing their childhood through this video saying that the back benches will remain the same.


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