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Srilanka Economic Crisis: రాజపక్స పరార్.. ఎక్కడికో తెలుసా..

Srilanka Economic Crisis: Rajapaksa parar.. do you know where..

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa seems to have fled the country during Sri Lanka’s economic crisis. There are reports that the military helped Rajapaksa to escape. Rajapaksa, who announced that he would resign on Wednesday, escaped with the people’s revolt. In the wake of the economic crisis in the country, there have been large-scale protests and agitations in Sri Lanka since Saturday. Seeing the situation, Rajapaksa ran away from his official presidential residence in Colombo. There were reports that he was crossing the country with huge suitcases. People came to the President’s residence in large numbers and took over the building. Until Rajapaksa resigned, he stayed there as if he would not move from the presidential palace.

Meanwhile, Gotabaya Rajapaksa seems to have left the country on Wednesday. Rajapaksa left Sri Lanka and fled to the neighboring island of Maldives. It seems that Gotabaya Rajapaksa, his wife and bodyguard along with all four passengers went to Maldives in Antonov-32 flight. The local media is revealing that Rajapaksa escaped from the main airport in Colombo. Earlier there were reports that Rajapaksa’s attempts to leave the country were blocked by immigration authorities. It appears that the president has decided to flee the country before resigning on July 13. Rajapaksa would be exempted from arrest if he was in office.

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But last Saturday Gotabaya was reported to have left the country in the Sri Lankan Navy ship Gajabahu. There were reports that he wanted to flee to the UAE. But recently it has almost conformed that the Maldives fled. The reason for the economic crisis in Sri Lanka is that people have been agitating for Gotabaya’s resignation since last March. People are very angry that the economic crisis in Sri Lanka has arisen due to the corruption of President Gotabaya and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Rajapaksa family.


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