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South Africa: నైట్ క్లబ్‌లో దారుణం.. 20 మంది యువకులు దుర్మరణం

South Africa: Atrocities in a nightclub .. 20 young men were killed

The atrocity took place in South Africa. About 20 young people were found dead in a nightclub. The news caused a sensation in South Africa. The incident took place in the city of East London in the southern part of South Africa. It appears the teenager died while partying in a nightclub. Police said all the dead were between the ages of 18 and 20. Eastern Cape Authority spokesman Brigadier Dhembinkosi Kinana said police did not know how many people were inside the Niobeni Tavern Club before the incident and did not know if anyone was alive.

Police are currently investigating the situation at the scene. Scenery Park, where the incident took place, is about three kilometers from the city center. The bodies were found lying on the floor of the club when police were notified. Police said there were no traces of any injuries on the bodies. It seems that all the young people came to the party to have a ‘pen down’ party after the high school exams.

However, the police could not say the cause of death. They are still wondering what caused the actual deaths. It is not clear how so many people died in one place. Police officials said the autopsy report was received but the apparent cause of death was not known. Police say empty liquor bottles and wigs were found at the scene. Police dismissed speculation that the stampede was the cause of the deaths. They say there are no landmarks related to the stampede. However, the police suspect that poisoning may have taken place.


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