Sonia Gandhi: అగ్నిపథ్ ఓ దశాదిశ లేని పథకం.. కేంద్రం ఉపసంహరించుకోవాలి


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Sonia Gandhi: Agneepath is a decadal scheme .. Center should withdraw

Congress President Sonia Gandhi has lashed out at the scheme amid protests across the country over the Agneepath scheme. The Agneepath scheme has been described as a decadal scheme. Sonia Gandhi has said that she will put pressure on the Center to withdraw the controversial scheme. The Congress party will stand by Yavatmal. Former Union Minister Jairam Ramesh shared Sonia Gandhi’s letter on her Twitter.

The new recruitment scheme brought by the BJP government benefits the job seekers In view She mentioned in the letter that the scheme was announced without keeping. The letter revealed that he was disappointed that the government army ignored the words of the optimists and brought in the Agneepath scheme. Many ex-servicemen are raising doubts about the scheme. He said that the Congress party will stand against the scheme. He said that as true patriots, the Congress party would stand by Agneepath with patience and peace without violence. You are also called to be concerned with peace and non-violence.

One person was killed and more than 600 were arrested in what became known as the Cold War in eight states. The internet was shut down in Haryana along with 12 districts in Bihar. Provisions have been increased at railway stations in many places. Meanwhile, Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi is also angry over the fire. They demanded that the government withdraw the Agneepath just as it had withdrawn the central agricultural laws.



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