Somu Veerraju: ఉత్తరాంధ్ర నీటిప్రాజెక్టులపై జగన్‌ కి లేఖ


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Somu Veerraju: Letter to Jagan on Uttaranchal Water Projects

BJP leaders have been harassing the YCP with sharp criticism. BJP leaders are furious about Jagan’s cabinet. Recently, BJP chief Somu Veerraju wrote an open letter to AP CM Jagan on Uttaranchal water projects. He wrote a letter to the CM tagging an old video of the assurances given by Jagan before the election.

Somu Veerraju demanded that the government announce a route map in the case of Uttaranchal irrigation projects. In the case of Uttaranchal, Uttaranchal farmers are waiting for a drop of water. The Magani lands face the desert. No rehabilitation packages No projects structures. The genealogy project is a 19 TMC project .. but currently has a capacity of only 9 TMC. A total of 19 TMCs will be made available if the government spends Rs 45 crore. Why aren’t the Vansadhara Nagavali rivers connected ..? Answer why Uttarandhra is being neglected ..? Somu Veerraju asked.



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