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Somu Veerraju: ఆత్మకూరు ఉప ఎన్నికలో నైతిక విజయం మాదే

Somu Veerraju: Moral victory in Atmakuru by-election

The by-election counting for the Nellore district Atmakuru assembly seat has been completed. YCP candidate Mekapati Vikram Reddy won a landslide victory in this election. In this election, YCP candidate Vikram Reddy got 1,02,074 votes while BJP candidate Bharat Kumar got 19,332 votes. However, BJP chief Somu Veerraju claimed victory in the by-elections. He said the BJP had waged a heroic struggle in this election. Speaking in West Godavari district, Somu Veerraju alleged that voters were intimidated by volunteers and 40 per cent of the people did not vote for fear of this. He criticized the YCP leaders for campaigning by volunteers that the schemes would not come if they did not vote for them. With this, many people said they voted for the YCP. Somu Veerraju demanded that the government still hand over the lands in Amravati to the farmers.

Meanwhile, BJP candidate Bharat Kumar Yadav alleged that the YCP had abused its power in the Atmakuru by-election. Chief Minister Jagan himself met the ministers and instructed them on the majority in the elections. Eddewa said that the ministers and MLAs did not get the expected majority despite their reluctance. Critics say the money was distributed to volunteers and Asha workers. Bharat Kumar Yadav has made it clear that the triple victory in Atmakur is theirs.

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