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Snake Head Found In Plane Meal: విమాన భోజనంలో పాము తల.. వీడియో వైరల్

Snake Head Found In Plane Meal: Snake head in plane meal.. Video viral

Snake Head Found In Plane Meal: Even if a small stone is found in the glass we are eating during the meal, we get irritated. But recently it is known that lizards and cockroaches are emerging in biryani. What if the head of a feeding snake comes out? Just thinking about it makes me cringe. The flight crew in Turkey had such an experience recently. The video related to this is currently going viral. A video of the flight crew shouting after seeing a snake’s head in the sky is currently doing the rounds.

The incident of a snake’s head sticking out of the food that the flight crew was eating recently came to light on a Turkish airline Sunexpress flight. A staff member of this company was eating the food served on the plane when he found a snake head in the curry. The flight attendant was shocked to see it. This incident took place on July 21 on the Sunexpress flight from Ankara, Turkey to Dusseldorf, Germany, according to a leading news agency. It was revealed that the staff had this experience. The flight attendant said that while eating the food served on the plane, he found a snake head in a curry made of potatoes and greens. He revealed that he was very scared after seeing the snake head in the food packet. A video related to this was also shared on social media and a discussion started among the netizens.

A video of the incident has surfaced on social media. Responding to this incident, a representative of the airlines revealed that they have taken this matter seriously. He said that the contract with the food supplier has been suspended and an investigation has been taken up. He stated that ‘in thirty years of air services, we are moving forward with the aim of providing safe journeys without any difficulties for the passengers and crew’. The airline said the incident was unacceptable. Earlier there were also reports of a snail getting stuck in the food. A similar incident recently came to light in the national capital, Delhi. A traveler found a dead lizard in a chicken salad he bought at the airport. The passenger informed this through Instagram.

AP IAS Officer: An AP IAS officer whose son joined a government school

According to the catering company concerned, the news about the snake head in the flight meal is not correct. An investigation has been started on this issue. It revealed that no foreign objects were served while cooking. The food is cooked at 280 degrees Celsius.. But the head of the snake is looking fresh, he expressed doubt.


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