Smriti Irani: ప్రశ్నించే దమ్ములేనోడు అడ్డుతగులుతున్నాడు.. రాహుల్‌పై స్మృతి ఫైర్


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Smriti Irani: The guts to question are stumbling.. Smriti fire on Rahul

Smriti Irani: Union Minister Smriti Irani lashed out at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for disruptions in both houses of Parliament. She fumed that he never raised his voice in Parliament… never questioned the government. They accused him of always disrespecting the activities of the Parliament. He is the person who has less than 40% attendance in Parliament. Smriti Irani complained that such a politically unproductive person.

While the opposition was protesting in the Parliament on the rise of GST, inflation and other issues, Smriti Irani specifically lashed out at Rahul Gandhi. He said that he did not ask any questions in the Parliament after going to Wayanad. She criticized that his attendance at the winter session of Parliament in 2019 was only 40 percent. The Union Minister expressed anger that Rahul Gandhi’s entire political history is full of disrespecting parliamentary procedure and constitutional procedures. The Minister revealed that Parliament is a productive platform for bringing forward issues of national importance.

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On Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi took part in an opposition protest in front of the Gandhi statue in Parliament against inflation and the rise in GST. They protested in front of the statue of Gandhi and raised slogans that the government should reduce the prices of essential commodities. The first day of the Monsoon Sessions saw chaos in both the Houses of the Opposition, which adjourned within hours. The Monsoon Session of Parliament which began on July 18 will continue till August 12.



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