Sajjala: విప్లవకారుడు అరెస్ట్ అయినట్లు ఎందుకీ బిల్డప్..?


Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy
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TDP leaders are furious over the arrest of former minister Narayana. The government is condemning the arrest of Narayana in a partisan manner. AP Government Adviser Sajjala Ramakrishnareddy responded in this context. Sajjala commented that a strange situation has arisen in the state since yesterday. All the TDP leaders, including Chandrababu, are gossiping that a revolutionary has been arrested. Sajjala questioned the TDP leaders for blaming the Jagan government for the paper leaks in the Class X exams. Sajjala explained that some educational institutions are committing irregularities like paper leak and mall practice only for 100 per cent pass. Narayana was arrested as a part of this. He said that since he was in the government in the past, the whole affair went smoothly.

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Sajjala demanded that the TDP policy be pre-empted in the case of perpetrators of atrocities like paper leak. He questioned whether the achievement of a political party would lead to the arrest of Chandrababu or Narayana. Sajjala alleged that Narayana was showing technical reasons that he was not the chairman of Narayana Educational Institutions. According to Balagangadhar, dean of Narayana Institutions, Narayana was the guide in the case of paper leaks. Will he be the culprit then? Narayana said he had decided to go to the high court to have his bail revoked. He said they would be serious about such crimes being organized. He said action would be taken if there was evidence in any case.

On the other hand, Sajjala said that all the work on the Inner Ring Road has been completed and work would have started if their government had come. The alignment of the Inner Ring Road has been taken up by the previous government to benefit Ramesh. The Chandrababu family should not have bought land there in the name of heritage. He said the government had all the records on the irregularities as changes were made in the Inner Ring Road plan. In the case of the ring road, the previous government had said that real estate had ganged up with them and cheated the farmers. Sajjala alleged that the previous government had acted like a real estate company in the case of Amravati as well.

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