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Reactor Blast: వెలిమినేడులో పేలిన రియాక్టర్.. భారీగా వెలువడిన విషవాయువులు

Reactor Blast: A reactor that explodes in a volcanic eruption

A reactor exploded at a company in Veliminedu, Chittal Mandal, Nalgonda district. This led to the release of heavy toxins. As they spread to the surrounding areas .. people ran out of houses with the stench. People from Veliminedu, Perepalli, Pittampalli and Bongonicheruvu villages were concerned. Ran out of houses. People suffer from cough and vomiting.

Police officers reached there with information from locals and examined it. Investigating the toxins emitted from the reactor. More details regarding this incident are yet to be known.

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