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Ragging: దిండును పట్టుకుని ఆ పని చేయండి.. మధ్యప్రదేశ్‌లోని వైద్యకళాశాలలో ర్యాగింగ్ భూతం


Ragging: The specter of ragging in a government medical college in Madhya Pradesh has fallen. A group of MBBS senior students committed ragging by abusing the juniors. The details of the senior students involved in ragging have not been revealed. After an incident involving ragging by senior students of MGM Medical College, Indore, juniors called the University Grants Commission’s anti-ragging helpline and explained their plight. The juniors told the police that the seniors were involved in ragging with a pillow and pretending to have intercourse with their batchmates.

UGC has said that ragging will not be tolerated and it will injure the students for life.. The college has been asked to take immediate action against this incident of ragging. After that the anti-ragging committee of the college decided to file a police case against all the accused. Indore Police revealed that they will start recording the statements of the juniors. A junior medical student called the UGC anti-ragging helpline to complain that seniors were harassing juniors in the name of ragging. The student alleged that the seniors chose the name of a female batchmate among the juniors and made inappropriate comments on her and committed indecent acts.

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The UGC has complained that some professors are actually supporting ragging, aside from not doing anything against it. The complaint stated that they snatched the phones belonging to the junior students and took away the keys and threatened to hit each other with sandals. They expressed their concern that seniors will take revenge on them if they reveal their identity. Officials said that the detailed complaint to the UGC contained evidence of ragging and torture of junior students in the form of audio and video recordings including WhatsApp chat. Incharge of the local police station Tahjeeb Qazi said that they are recording the statements of all the concerned students in the medical college.


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