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Pothula Sunitha: వైఎస్ భారతమ్మను చూసి టీడీపీ నేతలు భయపడుతున్నారు

Pothula Sunitha: TDP leaders are afraid of YS Bharatamma

ycp leader pothula sunitha counter to vangalapudi anitha: YCP state woman president Pothula Sunitha made serious allegations against TDP woman leader Vangalapudi Anitha. Potula Sunitha commented that Anita has no right to talk about CM Jagan’s wife. Potula Sunitha said that TDP is a party that cheats women by trusting them.. Anita is speaking without at least proper knowledge. It is natural for Anita to be afraid of Bharti. Chandrababu said these are the words he is talking about. He accused them of righteous politics. The TDP leaders complained that they were afraid of Bharatamma. Churakal said that the TDP leaders are rotting because Jagan is doing such good things at such a young age. Potula Sunitha explained that Jagan is spending the funds received from the center and the state income only for the poor people. TDP leaders want to remember that people of AP will not tolerate if they speak wrong words.

Potula Sunitha warned TDP leaders that if they want to do politics, it should be done as a method… not to drag women into it. Otherwise, Chandrababu and Lokesh are told by women. Potula Sunitha countered that it was the TDP leaders who were involved in hiding the suit cases. It was the TDP leaders who took the Polavaram ATM.. Potula Sunitha alleged that the people who saw such exploitation were sent home in the last election. Chandrababu is behaving like a lunatic in this state. People have taken notice of what he has done. TDP will face the same fate in 2024 too, said Zosyam.

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Earlier, Telugu women’s president Vangalapudi Anita made allegations against Jagan and his wife YS Bharti. He said his wife Bharti is a part of Jagan’s mistakes. Once Bharti used to limit herself to giving harati to Jagan. Now Jagan’s wife Bharti has become a part of corruption. It is said that Bharti is doing things like getting her husband back and counting the suit cases brought by her husband. Bharti is accused of doing things like using her husband’s mistakes for campaign slogans. He said that Jagan’s three-year anarchic rule has become an iron leg. They said that Jagan is a gang of thieves who are diverting the funds from the center without helping the victims. The Center has given Rs. He said that diverting funds of 1100 crores is a method of exploitation. Anita of Vangalapudi challenged the YCP leaders that they have deposited Rs. 2 thousand in the account of those who have tested positive for Corona.


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