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Police Command Control Center: పోలీస్ కమాండ్ కంట్రోల్ సెంటర్ ప్రారంభానికి ముహూర్తం ఖరారు

Police Command Control Center: The timing for the opening of the Police Command Control Center has been finalized

Police Command Control Center: The time has been fixed for the inauguration of the Police Command Control Center which was built by the TRS government in Hyderabad. There are reports that CM KCR is likely to open the command control center on August 4. A high-level meeting was held by CP CV Anand before the inauguration of the Command Control Centre. This building being constructed in Banjara Hills was inspected by Hyderabad City Police Commissioner CV Anand on Saturday. They inspected the area under construction and inquired about the details from the officials. For the first time in the country, the authorities have built an integrated command control center with the latest technology, connecting all the departments.

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Meanwhile, the Police Command Control Center in Hyderabad city will be added as another cornerstone. This command control center will make available to the people the modern technology that can sense what is happening anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile, Minister Vemula Prashant Reddy recently commented that the Police Command Control Center in Hyderabad will stand as one of the world-class buildings. Describing it as a wonderful structure, he expressed the opinion that it will bring glory to Hyderabad like Burj Khalifa to Dubai, Eiffel Tower to Paris, Command Control Center to Hyderabad. It is known that Minister Prashant Reddy said that if you look from the 14th floor of this command control center, Hyderabad city can be seen from all sides.


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