Piyush Goyal: ప్రధానిని, నన్ను అవమానకరంగా తిట్టినా.. రైతుల కోసం ఈ నిర్ణయం


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Piyush Goyal: Even if the Prime Minister insulted me, this decision is for the farmers

Union Minister Piyush Goyal’s comments on TRS: Union Minister Piyush Goyal lashed out at TRS leaders for insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and me and wronged the poor by not getting rice. He revealed that FCI has been ordered to collect paddy and rice in Telangana. He criticized the state government for acting irresponsibly. He accused the TRS government of doing injustice to the poor by not giving rice in the months of April and May. It has been revealed that there have been irregularities in the rice mills..that is why we have taken these steps. He said that it is because of the measures we have taken that rice is being supplied now. Piyush Goyal said that it is not right to sacrifice farmers for the mistakes of the state government. It was revealed that orders were given to buy rice immediately.

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Center has decided to buy rice: Union Minister Kishan Reddy.

Union Minister Kishan Reddy revealed that the Central Government has decided to buy the rice from the rice millers. He said that recently the state government has not bought grain from the farmers. The responsibility of buying grain is on the state government. He criticized that the farmers are losing due to the way the state government is doing. He alleged that the state government has been taking the rice to be given to the poor for three months, but not distributing it. Kishan Reddy disclosed that he spoke to the civil supply officials and they said that no orders have been received yet. The free rice that should be given to the poor is not being distributed by the state government.. Satirists said that they do not know why the Chief Minister did a dharna in Delhi. He criticized that the state government had said that they would buy wool. He questioned the state government as to why a problem that does not exist anywhere else in the country is coming to Telangana. Kishan Reddy said that they have talked to states and rice millers about rice distribution and procurement in the coming days. The rice millers have committed irregularities.. cases have been registered.. they demanded that the state government should take action.



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