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Petrol Dealer Association: మే 31 నుంచి పెట్రోల్, డిజిల్ కొనం.

Petrol Dealer Association: Petrol, diesel end from May 31.

The Petrol Pumps Dealers Association has made a key announcement. On May 31, the Petrol Pump Dealers Association announced that 70,000 outlets in 24 states were no longer purchasing fuel from oil marketing companies. To this end, the Dealer Association, which met in Delhi on Monday, took this crucial decision. Delegates discussed not buying fuel from oil companies. However, dealer margins have not increased in the last five years.

The association said that despite oil companies raising dealer margins over the past five years, the cost of owning and operating petrol pumps has risen. The last time the central government increased dealer margins was in 2017. After that, the oil companies and dealer associations agreed to have a dealer margin revision every six months, but the companies did not follow through, the dealers’ association alleged. The dealer association is demanding an increase in the dealer margin to 5 percent.

According to the dealer’s association, the dealer margin has not increased by more than 2 per cent since 2017, despite rising costs. The association says high costs have pushed small pumps to the brink of bankruptcy. Demanded that the oil companies repay the dealer losses incurred due to the excise reduction. According to the dealer’s association, the reduction in excise duty has taken a heavy toll on them.


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