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Pawan Kalyan: సోషల్ మీడియాలో పోస్టులు పెడితే కేసులు పెట్టడమేంటి?

Pawan Kalyan: If you post on social media, what is the case?

In Vijayawada, the Janavani program under the leadership of Janasena at Makineni Basavapunnaiah Auditorium received a wonderful response from the locals. In this context, Pawan Kalyan criticized the YCP government. He said that they are doing what the government should do through Janavani program. Pawan alleged that the YCP government has forgotten its responsibilities and the common people and the middle class are being crushed today. He assured that he has come to fully stand for the people. He said that he is annoyed with politicians who engage in rowdyism and hooliganism. He said that there will be 25 such people in the constituency.. People are also afraid to face them. Pawan fumed that the YCP leaders have come down in any way. The YCP leaders have threatened to stop the schemes if questioned, and have severely criticized that they are also occupying the graveyards. The YCP leaders were asked whether they would lose their pension if they posted on Facebook that they liked Pawan Kalyan.

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Pawan Kalyan alleged that the YCP government is not giving funds to the panchayats and is undermining the village swaraj. They said that the YCP government has hit the stomach of the construction workers by increasing the sand rates. He criticized that sand exploitation is going on in the state. Pawan Kalyan said that May Day celebrations have not been held in AP for three years, which shows that the government has no respect for the workers. He complained that AP has one minister for all departments. It is a shame that YCP leaders are threatening an old woman for two cents of land in Tirupati’s Renigunta. Ambedkar foreign education scheme has been canceled by the government. Pawan expressed his grief that poor children have lost the right to study abroad. Recently, Pawan countered that CM Jagan was pulling his hair when he saw him.


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