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Pawan Kalyan: పసికందుల మరణాలు విచారకరం

Pawan Kalyan: Infant deaths are tragic

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan said the deaths of infants in Kadapa Rims in Chief Minister Jagan’s own district were disturbing and the government’s stance on the Kadapa Rims incident was questionable. Why were the parents of the toddlers moved in with the police? It is a tragedy that the incident in which three newborns died at the Rims Hospital in Kadapa was beyond words.

Infants died due to lack of power supply and non-utilization of medical equipment. Consider the concerns of parents who claim that 30 children have been treated medically with a single monitor. Why is the District Collector so silent when such a serious incident has to be immediately investigated and investigated? Pawan asked.

Why are hospital officials not responding? Why didn’t the media rush to the hospital seeking details on the incident? He said. Why did the parents who were worried about the death of their children call the police and move too? Is there a need to issue health bulletins from time to time on the health conditions of another 30 children with health problems? Said Pawan. He said the power supply to hospitals was irregular.

Do not use existing medical equipment. The lack of a humanitarian perspective for the elders in government is the cause of such tragedies in the medical field. Hundreds of years have passed for babies who did not know the ins and outs of the ruling party due to mistakes and lack of foresight. This situation is extremely inhuman and miserable. It is most unfortunate that the state of Andhra Pradesh has reached the point of not being able to provide electricity to hospitals for at least 24 hours. The rulers’ claim that they are imposing cuts as power consumption increases due to the scorching sun is a testament to their incompetence.

Are the suns burning in the state of Andhra Pradesh alone? Are they in neighboring Telangana and Tamil Nadu? Said Pawan. And why are there no power cuts? Yet the heads of government must keep their eyes open and set up generators in hospitals on a war footing. Pawan Kalyan demanded immediate action without taking another life.


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