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Parliament Monsoon Session: రాజ్యసభ నుంచి 19 మంది విపక్ష ఎంపీల సస్పెన్షన్

Parliament Monsoon Session: Suspension of 19 opposition MPs from Rajya Sabha

Parliament Monsoon Session: Deputy Chairman Harivansh Narayan expressed his displeasure amid the chaotic situation in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday. Opposition MPs in the House raised concerns over high prices. The Deputy Chairman asked the House to cooperate for smooth running. But as the agitation did not stop, 18 MPs from the opposition were suspended from the Rajya Sabha for creating chaos and disrupting the activities of the assembly. The Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha announced that the suspension of the MPs will continue till the end of this week. Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Muraleedharan moved this suspension resolution. The Deputy Chairman announced that the resolution was approved. The suspended members are advised to leave the House immediately. The meeting was first adjourned for 20 minutes.

Among the 19 suspended members are Badugula Lingayah, Ravichandra Vaviraju, Damodar Rao of TRS along with Sushmita Dev, Shantanu Sen, Dola Sen, Kanimozhi, Mausum Noor, Santa Chhetri, Nadeemul, Rahim, Girirajan, Abhiranjan Biswar, Ahmed Abdullah, Rahim, Kalyanasundaram, N .R. Ilango, Shivdasan, Sandosh Kumar. However, the suspended members protested without leaving the House. The deputy chairman announced that the meeting will be adjourned for another hour as they are obstructing the activities by raising slogans.

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It is known that four Congress MPs were suspended in the Lok Sabha on Monday. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha has suspended four Congress MPs from the entire monsoon session for allegedly disrupting the House with inappropriate behaviour. Four MPs including Manikkam Tagore were suspended. Among the suspended MPs are Manikkam Tagore, TN Prathapan, Jyothymani and Ramya Haridas.


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