Pakistan: పాక్ లో అగ్గిరాజేస్తున్న అమెరికన్ మహిళ లైంగిక దాడి కేసు


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Pakistan: A case of sexual assault of an American woman is pending in Pakistan

Pakistan Netizens demand justice after US vlogger: The incident of sexual assault on an American woman in Pakistan is raging. Strong opposition is coming from the youth and netizens of that country. Netizens are expressing their anger that the perpetrators of these incidents should be punished immediately. Demanding justice for American vlogger, Tik Talker. Going into full details, a mass sexual assault was recently committed on a female vlogger and tic talker from America. A woman who came to visit famous places in Pakistan was assaulted. On July 17, a 21-year-old American woman was gang-raped in a hotel in Fort Munro, a hill station in DG Khan district of Punjab province.

The main accused is Muzamil Shazaan Sipra, a social media friend of the young woman. On his invitation, the young lady came to Port Monroe from Karachi. She also went to his house in Rajanpur on his invitation. Cipra, along with his friend Ajaan Khosa, also vlogged in Port Monroe. However, while in the hotel room, both Sipra and Ajaan gang-raped the young woman. The victim filed a complaint at the Fort Monroe Police Station.

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However, anger is being expressed all over Pakistan on these incidents. Netizens are demanding action against the accused on social media. People and netizens are asking that these incidents are taking place because of the lack of justice for the victims. Pakistani netizens are expressing anger on social media that Pakistan is at 83rd position in tourist rankings and 26th position in tourist safety.



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