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Nara Lokesh: పవర్ హాలిడే ఎత్తేయాలని జగన్‌ కి లేఖ

Nara Lokesh: Letter to Jagan to lift Power Holiday

TDP leader and former minister Nara Lokesh has written an open letter to CM Jaganmohan Reddy on power cuts and power holiday issues in AP. Lokesh asked to lift Power Holiday. It’s very easy to announce a Power Holiday if you are in Power. But have you thought about the state of the state for at least one moment before making that statement?

Power Holiday says industries that have been hit hard by the Corona crisis until now are now recovering a bit. When he was the Leader of the Opposition, he spread propaganda about the TDP government not raising electricity charges at least once.

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During the rule of 5-year-old Chandrababu Naidu, there were no power cuts. But when the YCP came, it destroyed the power sector and plunged the state into darkness. In the letter, Lokesh said that due to the inability of generators to run cottages, everything from small to large scale industries are moving towards closure.


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