Monkeypox: అది చేయడం వల్లే 95 శాతం మంకీపాక్స్ కేసులు


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monkeypox-New England Journal of Medicine study: Monkeypox cases are increasing worldwide. Three cases have already been registered in India. In Kerala, three people who recently arrived from the Gulf countries were affected by monkeypox. Around the world, 15,400 cases have been registered in 71 countries. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) held a second meeting on the spread of monkeypox. A recent study revealed a shocking fact about monkeypox. Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that 95 percent of monkeypox cases are transmitted through sexual activity.

Queen Mary University of London scientists did this study. Between April 27 and June 24, 528 cases were studied in 16 countries.. Monkeypox DNA was found in the semen of the patients. Scientists found it in 29 out of 32 people tested. Many studies have already revealed the same thing. Health experts warn that this disease is likely to spread more through homosexuality. This seems to be the reason why monkeypox is more common in European countries. Currently, 86 percent of the cases are in Europe alone. Another 11 percent of cases were registered in America.

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Monkeypox is not very life threatening. But only one in ten has a serious effect and can lead to death. Smallpox symptoms are seen in monkeypox. In addition to being close to an infected person, there is a higher chance of getting monkeypox if the patient coughs, sneezes and uses his belongings. Usually our immune system helps us to recover from monkeypox within two weeks.



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