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Missing Pet Parrot Found: పెంపుడు చిలుకను పట్టించినందుకు రూ. 85,000 బహుమానం.. ఎక్కడో తెలుసా..?

Missing Pet Parrot Found: Rs.  85,000 prize.. Do you know somewhere..?

Missing Pet Parrot Found in Karnataka: Recently, it is known that after their pet parrot went missing in the state of Karnataka, the owner of the said pet parrot will be given a reward of Rs.50,000 for finding it. But the whereabouts of the pet parrot was known after a week. As a result, the person concerned will get Rs. He gave more than 50,000 as a reward. He gave a reward of Rs.85,000. The African gray parrot ‘Rustuma’ has recently passed away from his owner. Since it is a rare type of parrot, it has become a topic of discussion to announce that a reward of half a lakh will be given to those who catch it. The owners searched all over the local area to find its whereabouts.

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Ravi, the owner of the bird, lives with his family in Jayanagar area of ​​Tumkur district. He is breeding two African Gray parrots. Among these, a parrot named Rustuma went missing on the 16th of this month. The owner of the parrot searched all over the town to no avail. Knowing that ‘Rustuma’ would respond to the calls of his companion parrot, he searched with the bird as well. However, the parrot was not found. But after a week, Srinivas of Bandepalaya in Tumkur noticed a rare parrot in his residence and kept it safe with him. But Srinivas came to know about Chiluka’s announcement. Srinivas then called the owner of the parrot and handed it over to them. The owner Ravi won more reward than the announced reward.


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