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Minister Kishan Reddy: స్మార్ట్ సిటీ నిధులపై కేసీఆర్ కుటుంబం అబద్ధాలు

Minister Kishan Reddy: KCR's family lies about Smart City funds

Kishan Reddy’s comments on TRS over smart cities: Union Minister Kishan Reddy fired on TRS party and KCR’s family. He criticized the KCR family for telling lies about the Smart City funds given by the central government. Telangana State allocated Rs. under the Smart City Mission programme. 1000 crore funds, so far Rs. He revealed that the central government has released 392 crores. He said that the Telangana state government has not fully released the 50 percent matching grant funds to Warangal and Karimnagar cities under the Smart City Mission scheme. Telangana state to release Rs. 392 crore matching grant funds so far only Rs. He said that only 210 crores have been released.

It has been revealed that while the central government has been allocating funds from the financial year 2015-16 when the Smart City Mission scheme began, the Telangana state government has delayed its share matching grant funds by 6 years. He said that the state government is not releasing the funds given by the center on time. He said that if the government releases the funds on time, the drainage works in Karimnagar and Warangal cities would be completed. Telangana under Amrit 2.0 scheme Rs. He said that 2780 crores have been given. In 12 towns Rs. He said that 66 projects have been undertaken at a cost of 1660 crores.

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Kishan Reddy criticized that key ministries of Telangana government like finance, medical, health, revenue, municipal, mining, urban development and IT are held by people belonging to one family. The Telangana government and TRS party’s recent post on social media about the funds to be released for smart cities. He denied the campaign that the Center has not released even a rupee for smart cities in the last three years. He said that he wanted the rulers of the Kalvakuntla family to stop blaming the central government and focus on the governance of the state government.


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