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Mekathoti Sucharitha: అది రాజీనామా కాదు.. థ్యాంక్స్ గివింగ్ నోట్

Mekathoti Sucharitha: It is not resignation .. Thanks giving note

Dissatisfaction erupted in some quarters after the cabinet purge in the AP. Former Home Minister Goat Sucharita is reportedly impatient with her resignation. However, Sucharita met CM Jagan today. Party, CM Jagan was highly respected .. positions were tied. The minister said he would abide by the decision taken by CM Jagan as part of the class reorganization.

Jagan said some would be sacked and some would be handed over party responsibilities. If CM Jagan suffers in the situation of removing us from the cabinet .. I am not fair .. I said I did not suffer. I was a little emotional when the minister stepped down. If I give a thank you note .. it was mistaken as a resignation letter.

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Wanting to put a full stop to this episode. CM Jagan looked at me as a sister. I will stay with Jagan as long as I am in politics. If I want to stay away from politics, I will be a YCP activist and a voter. I have been running Jagan Eighth since 2009. We will work for the victory of the party. Our girl said something by mistake. It is not right to take the word of a small child and issue so much. However, our boy next door says that it is a thank you letter .. but Sucharita did not highlight it.

CM Jagan has the freedom to come and meet with family members. I’m not in good health. Goat Sucharitha that I will abide by the orders of the party.


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