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Mahesh Kumar Goud: అగ్నిపథ్‌ను వెనక్కి తీసుకోవాల్సిందే..

Mahesh Kumar Goud: The fire should be taken back ..

TPCC Working President Mahesh Kumar Gowd said the fire was brought to the defense ministry to reduce the pensions and financial burden. He described retiring at the age of four as not being a widow when married. 6 months in four years will go to training .. What will be learned in those 6 months. He was incensed that the soldiers were being insulted by bringing in contract and outsourcing policy in the Department of Defense. He said the youths did not back down when the bullets hit them.

He accused the defense of cutting funding. Mahesh Kumar Gowd questioned the Center on how many ways they are cooperating. He alleged that they were looking to hold the agricultural sector hostage to it. The Congress demanded that the fireplace be withdrawn. The whole country is flooded in the wake of the fire. It is unfortunate that we have a Prime Minister who does not know what he is studying. He criticized the country for being in the hands of an ignorant person. He said that there was a situation where votes were asked with religious policies.

Sonia Gandhi, who is in hospital, also expressed support and expressed sympathy for the deceased. From activists to Rahul Gandhi, they are demanding the withdrawal of Agneepath. They demanded that military appointments be made as in the past. He was angry that the family of Rakesh, who was killed in the firing, was not even allowed near. Maheshkumar Gowd was outraged that TRS flags were flown over the corpse and it was politicized as a celebration rather than a procession.

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