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Loan App Harassment: లోన్ యాప్ వేధింపులకు మరొకరు బలి.. కానిస్టేబుల్ ఆత్మహత్య

Loan App Harassment: Another victim of loan app harassment.. Constable commits suicide

The concerns of loan ops managers are increasing day by day. The incident of suicide of a police constable who should give courage to everyone creates a commotion in Hyderabad. Sudhakar, who is working as a constable in the fire department, was harassed by the loan managers. For non-payment of money on time, the management threatened the constable by morphing his wife’s photos and making them into nude videos and posting them on social media. The constable, who was scared by the threats made by the loan managers, committed suicide. Constable Sudhakar committed suicide by hanging his head on the railway tracks. The family members complained that Sudhakar committed suicide due to the harassment of the loan managers. Sudhakar took some loan from a loan up. Sudhakar also paid the loan in full. At the same time some more loan was also taken. The highest amount of this loan has been paid by the loan app managers so far. However, Sudhakar was constantly harassed by the loan officers to give him some more money. Sudhakar said that all the money has already been paid and there is no need to give any more. The loan managers did not stop the harassment. If you don’t pay, they threaten to make your wife’s photos into nude videos and post them on social media and send them to your family members.

Day by day the problems of loanapps administrators are increasing. They are sacrificing their lives by giving money as loans. Sudhakar, who works as a constable in the fire department, took a loan of 6,000 through an online loan app for the need. A debt of Rs.6000 is the curse of Sudhakar Palita. On the pretext that the money was not paid on time, the managers started calling on the phone. They said rudely that if you put your wife’s phone number on a pornographic website, you will get 1000 rupees a day. In addition to this, they threatened to morph your wife’s photos and post nude photo videos on social media. Moreover, you are warned that your friends will send your wife’s photos as videos to their relatives. Harassment by people from that app pushed him to commit suicide. The shame made her fall under the train and take her life.

Y Sudhakar

The details of the incident which took place on the Jalpally-Sastripuram road are as given by the locals and family members. Yanjala Sudhakar Chandulal of Jalpally works as a constable at the Baradari fire station. He has an 18-month-old daughter with his wife Madhavi. However, Sudhakar could not pay the loan of 6 thousand taken from Golden Rupee loan app on time. Due to this, the harassment from the agents of the app increased. No matter how many times I have paid the due amount, they call me saying that I still owe money and subjected to film torture. They sent messages on the phone with obscene language and tortured them mentally. If you put your wife’s number on a pornographic website, you will receive a thousand rupees from each customer. In addition to this, you are warned that your wife’s photos will be morphed and nude videos will be made and sent to relatives along with social media. Also, messages were sent to many people in the contact list saying that Sudhakar is a fraud. Sudhakar put a stamp on the photo as cheater and sent the photos to friends along with social media. Sudhakar was offended by all this and told his close friends recently. Sudhakar, who left home at 6 am on Tuesday, called Anna Kumar at 6:12 and told him that he was going to commit suicide. He committed suicide by putting his head under the train on the railway track on the Sivarampally – Shastripuram route. The railway police immediately informed the family members after identifying the photo identities found with Sudhakar. The police have registered a case against the Gold Rupee Loan app and are investigating the complaint given to the police by the family members of Meraku. The police advises anyone not to worry about harassment by loan-up managers and to keep us informed of such harassment from time to time.


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