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KTR: కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీకి ఒకటి కాదు పది ఛాన్సులు ఇచ్చాం.


Rahul Gandhi wants to come to Telangana and give it a chance .. Minister KTR criticized the Congress party for giving not one but ten chances but no development .. ruining the state. He lashed out at the Congress party at a meeting in Kolhapur. Asked how to believe that Congress is like an obsolete drug. Do not believe the lies of the Congress and the BJP. People are urged to encourage development lovers.

He said the KCR government had solved the drinking water and electricity problems in 65 years. He reminded that in the past, people were not afraid to stay in Ullal during summers due to drinking water shortages. After coming to Telangana, Rs. 200 pension increased 10 times. “We are spending Rs 10,000 crore on pensions for 40 lakh people,” he said. He said that in the months of July and August, every village would return and every colony would get pension on the spot. New ration cards will also be issued.

We have set up 973 Gurukul schools and are educating 5 lakh people every year. Is there such a cultured government anywhere in the country? Asked. “We are spending Rs 20,000 crore on fee reimbursement,” he said. There was a saying that get married and build a house. He said that the government will provide Kalyana Lakshmi for the marriage of a poor child. During the TRS government, the number of canes in government securities increased from 36 to 56 per cent. With the Somashila Sideshwaram bridge, Kolhapur will become the junction of Andhra and Hyderabad. He assured that Amargiri would be developed under eco-tourism, food processing industries would be set up and a horticultural forest polytechnic would be set up.








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