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KS Eshwarappa: ఏదో రోజు కాషాయ జెండా జాతీయ జెండా అవుతుంది

KS Eshwarappa: One day the orange flag will become the national flag

There is no controversy in Karnataka. Anything that happens in Karnataka continues to be a topic of discussion in national politics. Even the leaders there are always making some controversial comments. Recently, former Karnataka minister and BJP leader KS Eshwarappa also made sensational remarks. He said there was no doubt that the RSS flag would one day become the national flag. He said that respect for kashayam has been honored for thousands of years and not today. Saffron is said to be a symbol of sacrifice. According to the constitution, the tricolor flag is the national flag and we will respect it. He has made similar remarks in the past. He commented that 36,000 temples had been demolished and turned into mosques.

These remarks are likely to provoke a new controversy in Karnataka. Already Congress leader and former chief minister Sidda Ramaiah has made comments on beef. A war of words erupted between the Congress and the BJP over his comment that he would eat beef even if he was a Hindu. The hijab controversy has been going on in Karnataka for some time now. The Karnataka High Court has ruled against allowing hijab into educational institutions. But the controversy started again. Meanwhile, controversy has erupted in Karnataka over allegations by Hindu organizations that the Jamia Masjid in Mandya and the Juma Masjid in Mangalore were once Hindu temples.


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