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KP Vivekananda: రాజకీయాల్లో మోదీ కన్నా కేసీఆర్ సీనియర్

KP Vivekananda: KCR is older than Modi in politics

BJP state affairs in-charge Tarun Chugh said that the countdown has started for the TRS party and the TRS party will not come to power again in the coming elections. Currently, political turmoil has started in Telangana over these remarks. Leaders of the TRS party, along with the BJP and Prime Minister Modi, have been cracking down on Tarun Chugh.

Recently, TRS MLA KP Vivekananda lashed out at the BJP. Tarun Chugh is the leader who is rejected by the people in Punjab .. He is saying that he likes KCR .. Tarun Chugh, take care of your deeds .. He warned that if mud is sprayed on our leader, let him go. Tarun Chugh said that the level of talking about our government is not the. Vivekananda warns Tarun Chugh to stop talking to Bevkoof and keep his eyes close. Bhagyalakshmi came to her mother and demanded to know what funds would be brought in.

He said that KCR was elected as an MLA 17 years before Modi. He went to the assembly and said that KCR is senior to Modi in politics. The BJP has been criticized for being third in the coming elections. No matter how many leaders come .. KCR can not even shave their hair .. They have seen Kalika in Bengal .. They have warned that they will see Ugranarasimha Swamy in Telangana. He made sensational remarks that he would welcome Modi coming to Telangana with sandals.


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