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kotla Sujatha: బాలయ్య, ఎన్టీఆర్ అభిమానులు నిన్ను రోడ్డుపై తిరగనివ్వరు

kotla Sujatha: Balayya, NTR fans will not let you turn on the road

TDP leaders are on fire over remarks made by Minister Gummanur Jayaram on Balakrishna. Recently, former MLA Kotla Sujatha made harsh remarks on Jayaram. Benz car minister Jairam should keep his mouth shut .. Balayya, NTR fans have warned you not to turn on the road. She said Minister Jayaram was not qualified to talk about Balakrishna and Chandrababu. Minister Jayaram says Jagan’s schemes are an ideal for neighboring states.

Jayaram was criticized for being delusional after the bus journey. Ministers are chanting around Jagan..VCP leaders have been severely criticized for turning into a carafe address to corruption. Tussauds Manna was not ashamed of the bus trip. Shani Jagan has been holding the state hostage for three years. He said the ministers were dumbfounded to see the sea of ​​people coming to Mahanadi. Wouldn’t it be a shame if people were depressing in Gadapa Gadapa ..? Asked.

Minister Gummanur made comments on Jayaram Balakrishna at the recent YCP Social Justice Mahasabha. Balakrishna is challenged to say that the temple swallows the temple lingam .. we will definitely defeat you in Hindupur. Are you putting up with our Jagannath .. Mustache Melesi says .. We will take your palm, he warned. Jayaram commented that Chandrababu had put pressure on your father. TDP leaders and activists are on fire over this.


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