Kishan Reddy: ప్రజలను తప్పుదోవ పట్టించేందుకే టీఆర్ఎస్ ఆరోపణలు..


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Kishan Reddy: TRS allegations to mislead people..

Union Minister Kishan Reddy’s comments on TRS: Union Minister Kishan Reddy countered the comments of TRS leaders criticizing the Center for not providing any assistance to Telangana under the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF). For the last eight years, disaster relief funds for Telangana have been Rs. He said that the Center has released 3000 crores. In this from 2018 Rs. Union Minister Kishan Reddy revealed that 1500 crores have been released along with the statistics. He criticized that the Center is making statements in the media to mislead the people that they have not given any help to Telangana. He criticized the Indian government for not providing any help and spreading false propaganda.

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2020 Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation floods, 2022 Godavari floods but the primary responsibility for disaster management rests with the respective state governments. During the Hyderabad floods in 2020-21, about Rs.599 crores were given to the state disaster response fund out of which the central share was Rs. 449 crore has been released in two installments of Rs 224.5 crore each. In 2020-21, the Telangana State Disaster Response Fund, together with the State’s share, will be Rs. 1500 crores.. in which Rs. It was revealed that 1200 crores is the share of the Government of India. In the same year, the State Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) received an amount of Rs. 479.2 crores, the central share will be Rs. 359.20 crore has been disclosed. For the year 2022-23 a total of Rs. Kishan Reddy said that 377.60 crores have been allocated… but the money will be released by the Center after submission of pending utilization certificates, annual reports and other documents. It has been revealed that the Home Ministry has assured Telangana of full assistance and cooperation in this regard.



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