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Kavitha: ప్రధాని మోదీకి 8 ప్రశ్నలు సంధిస్తూ ట్వీట్లు


There has been a war of words between TRS and BJP leaders in Telangana in recent times. Recently, MLC Kavitha made a series of tweets questioning Prime Minister Modi. The tweets were made questioning the failures of the central government. 8 questions were raised on the assurances given by the Central Government.

Where is the women’s reservation bill Modi ji? He asked. Asked where the money for increased petrol prices would be invested if the country’s GDP was falling. When will the bias towards Telangana end ..? The BJP government has given Rs. He questioned when the Rs 7000 crore arrears would be disbursed properly.

Inflation has reached a record high .. Achche Din asked when we will see. Law Under Order, Failed Systems asked when the non-PR, real “Amrut Call” will be given to the people of India. Farmers are the heartbeat of India .. But today in Telangana, rice farmers, yellow farmers are losing at the hands of the BJP for seeking minimum recognition for the hardship. He called the Modi government’s New India to beat day laborers. He criticized the government for failing to provide employment to millions of people here. Will the day come when PM Cares will really tell the truth to the country, he will be responsible for the funds ..? Asked.

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