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Kallakurichi Student Death: ముగిసిన విద్యార్థిని అంత్యక్రియలు..

Kallakurichi Student Death: The last rites of the student are over.

Kallakurichi Student Death: The suicide of a class 12 student in Tamil Nadu has caused intense tension. It is known that on 13th of this month, students committed a violent incident in support of a student who died under suspicious circumstances. The students protested that the teachers were the cause of the student’s death and became a topic of discussion across the country. Meanwhile, the authorities handed over the body of the student to her family on Saturday. The dead body of the student was taken to her native village Veppur by a special ambulance from Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore district hospital. The funeral of the student was held amidst the tears of the villagers and family members. Seeing the dead body of the girl, the whole village was moved to tears.

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This month, the suspicious death of a student of Kallakurichchi School in Kaladalur district led to intense tension across Tamil Nadu. A girl studying in a private residential school in Kaniyamur area died after jumping from the third floor of a hostel in a suspicious manner on 13th of this month. The girl’s death sparked anger among Toli students. The students started agitations and protests saying that the teachers were the cause of the girl’s death. These protests turned violent. Students burnt school furniture and school buses. The police tried to stop this agitation. The students also attacked the police. Currently, a CB-CID case has been registered regarding this incident. The last rites of the girl were held today as the concerns subsided.


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