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Joe Biden: అమెరికా అధ్యక్షుడికి కరోనా పాజిటివ్

Joe Biden: Corona positive for US President

US President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19: Corona has been hurting the world for two and a half years. Shaking the world by changing many forms. Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omicron and Omicron sub variants are plaguing people. The number of cases worldwide has crossed 65 crores. Especially countries like America, Brazil, Germany, India and China are already suffering from Corona. Even if there are vaccines, there is no complete prevention of the corona epidemic.

Recently, US President Joe Biden (79) was infected with Corona on Thursday. He got Covid 19 positive in the tests. White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said that Biden has been infected with Corona and is suffering from mild symptoms. It has been revealed that they have started taking the anti-viral drug paxlovid to reduce the severity of the disease. Currently, Biden is in isolation in the White House due to corona infection. The White House Secretary revealed that he will continue his duties from there. Zobaiden vaccine has already been taken for Corona.

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He received two doses of the Pfizer vaccination before taking office as president. The first booster dose was taken in September. Even so, Biden is infected with Corona. Those close to Joe Biden are also getting tested. Vice President Kamala Harris, Cabinet members and White’s staff have already been infected with Corona. Recently, the number of cases is increasing across America. The people there are suffering from epidemics.


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