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Heatwave In Europe: ఎండల తీవ్రతకు అల్లాడుతున్న యూరప్ దేశాలు

Heatwave In Europe: European countries that are shaking due to the intensity of the sun

The countries of Europe are shaking with the intensity of the sun like never before in history. Temperatures above 40 degrees are being recorded in many places. European countries are facing the most dangerous situation with rising temperatures. Traffic signals are melting due to the intensity of the sun. Due to the temperature, the asphalt on the runways of the airports is becoming thick. This is causing serious disruption to the landing of planes. Meanwhile, trains were stopped in the UK due to the sun. Along with this, due to rising temperatures, fire hazards are occurring. The fire service personnel there are revealing that they are working in an emergency situation for the first time since the Second World War. Especially people across Britain are shivering with temperatures. Experts say that the highest temperatures are being recorded due to global warming.

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In the UK, the sun is posing a travel and public health hazard. Schools were closed. Trains and flights are being cancelled. London’s Heathrow Airport recorded a high of 40.2 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. It broke the record of 38.7 degrees recorded in 2019. Grassland fires around London. In another European country, Spain, 679 people died due to hailstorms in the week, the Ministry of Health of that country revealed. 6500 hectares of forests were burnt in France. About 30 thousand people had to leave their homes. A record high of 35.6 degrees Celsius was recorded in Denmark. The last time the country recorded a maximum temperature of 36.4 degrees was in 1975. Temperatures in Germany have reached 40 degrees. The president of the farmer association warned that the current high temperatures will have a severe impact on the crops.


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