Health Tips : ఈ చిట్కాలు పాటిస్తే ఎల్లప్పుడు ఆరోగ్యంగా ఉంటారు


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Health Tips : If you follow these tips you will always be healthy

Health Tips for Immunity booster

In today’s modern society, we live a hectic life. Every day the virus is emerging and attacking people. If the disease comes.. it is better to take care of health before it comes.. than to visit hospitals. Many health secrets are hidden in the texts written by our ancestors. Let’s see some of them.

1 garlic cloves fried in nethi if we eat it daily in the diet increases the metabolic life span.

2. There is no heartache if you take the juice every day. If Saraswati leaves are eaten at the rate of two leaves per day, the memory power will increase.

3. Pomegranate juice will purify the blood. Large amaranths are dried and boiled after being soaked in silk honey for six months and eaten once a day for blood pressure and heart diseases. Anyone can have good agility.

4. To prevent vitiligo, grind radish seeds with the juice of Uttareni leaves and apply to prevent vitiligo spots on the skin. Munagaku Rasam If you eat dishes cooked with Munagaku, you will not get diseases. Drinking honey and ginger juice daily will purify the blood and prevent brain related diseases.

5. Tulsi leaf extract mixed with honey will remove everything. Shilajittu should be taken with milk to reduce the pain caused by falling from above. If you drink crushed pepper in a sock, the fevers caused by climate change will be reduced. Greens, bananas, potatoes and basil leaves lower BP.

6. Constipation is relieved by eating chimli before going to bed at night. Drinking ginger juice reduces digestion and constipation. They reduce the headache. If the first lump of rice is fried and eaten with neti, hunger will arise and indigestion will disappear.

7. Grate green yellow beet on the fingers and rub it in between, it will shrink. Banana juice is a panacea. Fenugreek and Fenugreek curry used in excess can reduce diabetes. Consuming telagapindi leaf juice once a day dissolves kidney stones.

8. Drinking hot water with honey reduces obesity. If you make saffron juice and put two pieces in it, the pain in the side will go away. Just do this. May we be forever young and always healthy.



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