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Gyanvapi Mosque case: జ్ఞానవాపి కేసుపై సుప్రీంలో విచారణ.. కీలక ఆదేశాలిచ్చిన కోర్టు

Gyanvapi Mosque case: Inquiry in the Supreme Court on the Gyanvapi case.. The court gave key orders

The Supreme Court heard the Gnanavapi Masjid case today. The appeal filed by the Anjuman Intejamia Masjid Committee was postponed to the first week of October and issued key orders on Thursday. Apart from this, the petition filed by Hindu women was also investigated. A bench comprising Justices DY Chandrachud, Suryakant and PS Narasimha heard the Gnanavapi Masjid case. At present this case will be investigated in the Varanasi court.. She made key comments that we will wait until the court’s decision.

Meanwhile, the petition filed to give permission to perform water anointing to the Shivlinga which was exposed in the mosque was refused. It has been revealed that since this case is already pending in the Varanasi court, a new suit cannot be taken. A petition was filed to allow Hindus to worship as the month of Shravan begins, but the court refused to hear it. Apart from this, the Supreme Court also refused to accept another petition filed by seven women seeking carbon dating of the Shivlinga found in the mosque and ground penetrating radar survey.

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Earlier, the Allahabad High Court had allowed a videography survey in Gnanavapi Masjid. At that time, a Shivalinga-like shape was found in a well in the wazukhana of the mosque and various Hindu symbols were seen on the walls of the mosque. However, the Anjuman Intejamia Masjid Committee approached the Supreme Court challenging the videography survey. On May 17, the Supreme Court issued an interim order on the dispute. It also ordered the protection of the area where the Shivlinga was found and the entry of Muslims for Namaz. The case was transferred to Varanasi district court on May 20.


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