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Governor Tamilisai: వివాదం ఏమీ లేదని నవ్వేసిన తమిళిసై

Governor Tamilisai: Tamilisai who laughed that there is no controversy

Governor Tamilsai Soundarajan did not want to talk about the protocol controversy while the Pragati Bhavan vs Raj Bhavan episode was raging in Telangana. He replied with a smile that there was no controversy. Compliments from people were more fun than protocol. The tribesmen were warmly greeted during the tour of the agency area. Bhadradri was greeted by the governor media in Kottagudem. She was reluctant to talk about the latest controversy.

Sitarama was happy to come to the coronation ceremony at the invitation of Bhadrachalam Temple. In the past, 6 villages in the state have been adopted to provide nutrition and medical care to pregnant women. It has been observed that many pregnant women in many Gond villages are malnourished.

It has been observed that BP is also very high in most pregnant women. It has been observed that the reason for this is due to not eating proper diet, mostly due to eating pickles. Many people suffer from malnutrition, anemia and kidney problems. All of them were given medical camps and very hygienic kits were distributed to them. Governor Tamilsai Soundarajan said that the Raj Bhavan has been focusing on tribal issues even before.

Governor Tamilisai: Governor comments on protocol controversy


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