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Governor: దేశ ఆర్థిక, సామాజిక అభివృద్ధికి విద్య అనేది ఎంతో అవసరం

Governor: Education is essential for the economic and social development of the country

Governor Tamilsai Soundarajan said he was very happy to bring in a national education policy. Not bringing the policy .. She suggested that it should be practiced. He said that education is very important for everyone. He said that education is essential for the economic and social development of the country. She was addressing a conference on ‘Impacts of National Education Policy-2022 on Higher Education’ at the Shilpakalavedi in Hyderabad Hitex.

The governor revealed that most of the dropouts were in the middle. But he said we have not been able to reduce those who drop out of higher education in the middle. She stated that they are unable to provide employment in relation to education. She said that this national education system will increase gender equality and equal opportunities will come to all, men and women alike. Not just degrees .. they want to provide employment. She added that the new education system will also allow students to learn other languages.


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