Fake Certificates : మీకు అక్షరంముక్క రాకున్నా.. డిగ్రీ పట్టా ఇస్తాం..!


Fake Certificates : Even if you don't get a letter... we will give you a degree..!

Fake Certificates Gang Burst at Hyderabad.

No matter what kind of education you have done.. you want a certificate from any university of your choice right away.. it’s from any state and it’s in front of your eyes in minutes…. Cyberabad police have busted a gang of fake certificates in the city who are cheating innocent people by making fake certificates. Cyberabad SOT police have arrested a gang that was making and selling fake certificates in the city. They are making fake certificates related to 18 universities and selling fake marks memos in the market saying that they are selling vegetables. As it was not enough, he decided to sell fake certificates with the intention of making money among the debtors.

Thinking that there is a demand for fake certificates, he thought how to prepare them.. So he started an institute named Campus. He used to offer to give certificates through one time sitting, thinking to give easy mark memo to the students who come there. So he searched on Google on how to make these certificates. Fourteen people like Bocca Venkateswar Rao, Kiran Kumar, Krishna Kanth Reddy, whom he met, were found to be doing this crime together. It has been found out that the forged certificates are being sent to their respective addresses by sending Inter and SSC marks memos of different states through post. A few days ago, the gang sent the BPharmacy certificates to that person named Rahul Ghosh in Bihar by post.

It has been found that the sale of INTER and SSC certificates from Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Kerala, Jharkhand, Odisha and Chhattisgarh has been done. It was found that if all the certificates of this gang were prepared and sent to teacher Kota Kishore Kumar, he would provide them with the required rubber seal and supporting documents. So far, it has been found that fake documents of 18 universities and Inter and SSC marks memos of 13 states have been prepared and sold. Police suspect that they are in government and private jobs through these fake documents. Based on the documents obtained in the raids, the police found that he had gone abroad for higher studies. It has been found that more than 100 people have already obtained fake certificates from this gang. Police seized 70 fake certificates, 4 fake stamps, computers, bank cards, Aadhaar cards and driving license from the accused. Police believe that if they are taken into custody, some more things will come to light.



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