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F2F With Raghunandan Rao: నాకు బండి సంజయ్‌తో ఎలాంటి విభేదాలు లేవు

F2F With Raghunandan Rao: I have no conflicts with Bandi Sanjay

NTV specially conducted a face-to-face interview with Dubaka BJP MLA Raghunandan Rao. Speaking on the occasion, MLA Raghunandan Rao said that he had worked in the TRS party during the Telangana movement. Now the BJP has given him the opportunity to work for the country. He made it clear that he was one hundred percent comfortable in the BJP. Raghunandan Rao denied reports that he was going to join the TRS party again. Asked if anyone would like to board a sinking boat. He accused the people of growing aversion to the TRS party, which has twice come to power in Telangana. He said that despite the SMSes that he would give Rs 10 lakh for the house, people were not in a position to trust the party.

Raghunandan Rao opined that those who have talent and work in the BJP must be recognized. He recalled that the BJP had a history of making those who came and worked from other parties into Union Ministers and Chief Ministers. For example, in Assam, Hemant Bishwant Sharma has worked hard for the party for the last ten years. Now he has the opportunity to be the CEO. He said the argument that those in the BJP from the beginning would be preferred was wrong. Political dynamics will change in line with the changing times. Party decisions will also change, said Raghunandan Rao. Raghunandan Rao said that the hope of joining the party today and becoming the next Chief Minister will not be fulfilled in any party. He was of the opinion that if there was patience in politics the positions would come automatically.

Raghunandan Rao clarified that although it was true that he had asked for the BJP presidency after Laxman, he was now working under Bandi Sanjay. He said that the three present MLAs of the party in Telangana are working together under the leadership of Bandi Sanjay. Bandi denied that he had any quarrel with Sanjay. He did not speak publicly about the protocol. He said it was not unsatisfactory unless there was a slight communication gap about the meetings. It is alleged that the assurances given by KCR in 2018 have not been directed so far. He questioned whether the KCR had said in its manifesto that it would give unemployment benefit if the Center gave paise. Raghunandan Rao criticized that those who worked together in the movement were not given priority in the TRS.


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