Etela Rajender: మల్లారెడ్డిపై దాడి రైతులకు ప్రభుత్వంపై ఉన్న వ్యతిరేఖత


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Etela Rajender: Attack on Mallareddy Farmers Opposition to Government

BJP MLA Ethela Rajender said that the attack on Minister Mallareddy was not a personal attack but an opposition of the farmers to the government. TRS leaders have been criticized for paying tribute to NTR for the settlers’ votes in a way that has never been seen before. The CM was criticized for going to other states without calling KCR. He said the Prime Minister was not being given the minimum respect. KCR said he borrowed Pike because he could not win. CM KCR alleged that BC, SC, ST had done injustice to all sections.

KCR has been criticized for becoming a defaulter without waiving loans to farmers. KCR was demanded to resign if he could not rule. He said that the state treasury was bankrupt and a white paper should be released on the treasury. Rewanth Reddy said the remarks were a reflection of his arrogance. He said it was inappropriate to be on that level and speak such words. He said that no party can run on caste foundations. Critics have accused the police of harassing them.

Meanwhile, an attempt was made to attack Minister Mallareddy on Sunday while Reddy was participating in the Gharjana Yatra. The minister made harsh remarks on the incident. He blamed the Congress for the attack on him and accused Rewanth Reddy of being behind it. Cases have been registered under 16 sections against 16 people over the incident. It includes two Congress leaders.



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