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Electricity bill: ఓ ఇంటికి రూ.3,419 కోట్ల కరెంట్ బిల్లు.. ఆస్పత్రి పాలైన యజమాని

Electricity bill: Rs. 3,419 crore current bill for a house.. The owner of the hospital

Electricity bill: Priyanka Gupta, a resident of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, was shocked to see the current bill of her house. She is not the only one who sees that bill.. Anyone who sees it must be shocked. Rs. Seeing the electricity bill of 3,419 crores, her uncle suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. Due to the mistake of Madhya Pradesh government owned electricity company, the bill due for Rs.1300 was wrongly changed to Rs. 3,419 crore electricity bill. They immediately complained to the authorities and the authorities realized that there was a mistake and again issued a current bill of Rs.1300. With this, Priyanka Gupta’s family took a breath.

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Priyanka Gupta’s husband Sanjeev Kankane said that his father was sick after seeing the huge number in the electricity bill for the month of July. Kankane said the bill was later corrected by the state electricity company. PMKVVC General Manager Nitin Manglik said that human error is the reason for the huge electricity bill and action has been taken against the concerned employees. An employee entered the user number in place of the units consumed in the software, resulting in a bill with a higher amount. A corrected bill of Rs.1,300 has been issued to the electricity consumer, he said. Madhya Pradesh Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar told reporters that the error has been rectified and action is being taken against the concerned employee.


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