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Drug Smuggling: చెన్నైలో “వీడొక్కడే” సీన్.. ముంబైలో పట్టుబడిన డ్రగ్స్

Drug Smuggling:

Drug seizure at Mumbai and Chennai airports: International airports and ports are becoming a carafe for drug smuggling. Drugs are being caught somewhere every day. Drugs are being brought into India mainly from Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Travelers coming from African countries are bringing drugs into India. African nationals were caught bringing drugs at Chennai and Mumbai airports on Thursday. Drugs worth crores were seized from them.

A scene from the movie ‘Vedokde’ was repeated at the Chennai airport. There is a scene in the movie where drugs are put in capsules and hidden in the stomach. Just like that, a man coming from Tanzania has Rs. 1.266 kg of heroin worth Rs 8.86 crore was found. He hid a total of 86 capsules in his stomach. The Chennai Air Intelligence Unit took the passenger into custody and tested them and found the drug in his stomach.

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Similarly, a Ugandan national was arrested in Mumbai. Air Intelligence Unit of Mumbai Police received Rs. One kg of methaqualone drug worth 50 lakhs was found. Like in Chennai, here also the drugs were hidden in the body of the accused. He was taken to JJ Hospital where the drugs were taken out. The accused was arrested by the police. On the other hand, the customs officials of the Punjab Amritsar International Airport collected Rs. 933.2 grams of gold worth 49.27 lakhs was found. The gold hidden in the baggage was seized by the Customs officials.


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